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SCR is an established company, and have been a member of HIA Builders for over 10 years.

SCR will Re-Sheet, Screed, Waterproof and Re-Tile your balcony should you need the works done.

SCR work with Flexible Epoxy Grouts.


SCR Melbourne is NOT a franchise. Our family business is built up of a dedicated team of of Carpenters, Screeders, Waterproofers, Tilers, & Stone Maisons committed to bringing ethical work standards to Balcony Repairs in Melbourne. SCR Melbourne offer high quality services from a simple ReGrout to Full Balcony Renovations.

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Why Choose SCR Melbourne?

With over 25 years specialising in leak prevention and resealing services, you can feel confident about the work you’re soon to receive. SCR’s founder, Fergus Lagan is an accomplished Stone Mason and Tiler. His 25+ years of waterproofing, tiling and stone masonry experience provides the SCR team with the knowledge and leadership required to make sure you’re getting the best in the business on your job. Fergus is also a certified Waterproofing Trainer and in this video, he’ll show you why SCR is the right choice for you.

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Why is my Balcony Leaking?

Common Causes & Signs of a Leaky Balcony

  • Cracked and missing tiles on a balcony
  • The presence of loose or drummy (hollow) sounding tiles when tapped
  • No Skirting tiles to protect perimeter joints
  • Cracked grout and missing grout
  • Split membrane or damaged membrane
  • Split perimeter seals will also allow water access to perimeter walls
  • Tiles poorly laid so water ‘pools’ on the balcony rather than running off

Our Balcony Tiling & Renovation Works

SCR Melbourne has become a well known name in many households by delivering a consistently high level of quality services, specialising in balcony renovations and repairs. Our trained experts have obtained many years of specialising in leaking balconies, balcony sealing, balcony tiling and retiling, as well as waterproofing. We also work on other areas including staircases, pathways, courtyards, planter boxes rooftops. Whether it’s water-damaged tiles, cracked tiles, or an area that a deep clean, SCR Melbourne delivers comprehensive renovations and repairs across Melbourne.

View some of our most recent balcony repair projects below.

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SCR Melbourne specialise in various services such as waterproofing balconies, planter boxes, rooftops and common areas, balcony and outdoor tiling works, natural stone restoration and repairs, as well as flexible-epoxy grout treatments. Learn about leaking balcony repairs, balcony tiling, balcony renovations, balcony sealing and more in our blogs below.

What Our Clients Say

SCR did a fantastic job with our balcony, sorting out an ongoing issue we had from previous faulty work. They were professional, friendly, communicated well and got the job done on time. I would highly recommend them.


I had a great experience with SCR when they remedied the leaks in our balcony. The services was prompt, friendly and honest. The price SCR provided was very reasonable and the work was done on time. A swiftly fixed balcony and a very happy customer.


We had the SCR team waterproof our balcony and replace the tiling. We were fully informed all the way and the level of workmanship was excellent. The team members were happy to share information about the problem and the maintenance going forward.


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