Considering balconies are outdoor areas they are exposed to the wet weather conditions. Like all wet areas that are tiled, balconies must be waterproofed prior to tiling in order to protect the concrete and prevent any water leakage. Balconies should also be built with a slight grade to allow for adequate drainage. Ensuring that the grade is sufficient the fall of the substrate should be a minimum of 1.0cm (10mm) over a metre will of the area. Failure to do so can result in water stagnating and putting the integrity of the balcony at risk if not treated properly.

Substrate Preparation

It is also important to make sure that the substrate is sound and free from any dirt or contaminating material before commencing tiling to avoid adhesion failure. Pipes and fittings must also be properly supported by an appropriate waterproofing adhesive to seal any gap as well as these are key area in which water leakage and subsequent damage will occur.

The other critical area to seal is the joint between the floor and any walls where water can be leaked. Not only should this area be thoroughly waterproofed, a non-shrinking grout must be used to secure this high-risk area.

Only once the substrate has been properly prepared, the area itself is ready to be entirely waterproofed with a waterproofing system that would best suited to the wet area. The more flexible and higher performing product the more secure the waterproofing system will be.


Successfully waterproofing a balcony is a painstaking, highly detailed process that requires a high degree of detail and preparation. Not only must the balcony be properly prepared prior to applying the waterproofing product, it is essential that the products themselves be applied methodically and properly.

Failing to take the time to properly waterproof the balcony can have significant consequences to the structure itself therefore we recommend using products of the highest quality and applied by professionals who have had extensive experience in waterproofing. The potential costs of property damage; tile replacements and re-waterproofing far outweigh having a professional do the job properly the first time around.

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