How to Re-Grout Outdoor Tiles

Is your Balcony looking tired and worn, with cracked and deteriorated Grout? Then you are probably due to re-grout your balcony. Re-Grouting a Balcony is beneficial as a preventative measure to repair your balcony BEFORE it starts to leak.
In this article we will talk about the method involved in removing and replacing the Grout on your balcony, as well as some of the different types of Grout you can use.

The Process of Re-Grouting a Balcony

To remove the grout you will need a reciprocating tool such as an angle grinder.
Attach an appropriate blade and very carefully grind into the grout lines.
TIP: You must be careful not to run off course and grind into your tiles.
You must also be careful to only grind down 4-5mm and NOT puncture your waterproof membrane – as this could spell disaster!

Once the grout has been removed, you must clean back the tiles using an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, to ensure there is no dust remaining – or your grout will not seal.
TIP: If you use your domestic vacuum you chance clogging the filter and damaging your vacuum.

Mix your Grout product as per the specifications on your packaging.
Once mixed work quickly to avoid it drying out and using a Tile Trowel push the grout into the exposed cracks, scraping the excess grout off to ensure a smooth finish.
Once the grout is in, go back over the tiles with a damp cloth, washing the excess grout off and smoothing down the grout lines.
TIP: Just use a damp cloth, not soaking or you risk waterlogging your grout.
TIP: Do not leave grout on tiles for too long before cleaning back – or it will dry and cure on the tiles, making it very difficult to remove – leaving you with a ‘hazing’ over the tiles.

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Whenever SCR performs a ReGrout Service on a Client’s balcony – we will always replace the grout with a Superior Flexible-Epoxy Grout, for added waterproof properties. You can read more on the difference between Standard Grout and Flexible-Epoxy Grout here.