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Waterproofing & Membranes

Waterproofing Balconies, Planter Boxes, Rooftops and Common Areas Melbourne

SCR provides the very best the market has to offer in waterproofing all outdoor areas including Balconies, Planter Boxes, Rooftops and Common Areas.

Whether you’re dealing with cracked tiles or water damaged tiles, you can trust SCR Melbourne to get it fixed properly!

No matter what you need sealed, SCR has a membrane for both Commercial and Residential Clients. We can waterproof leaking balconies and outdoor areas before re-tiling, apply trafficable membranes to outdoor areas and rooftops, apply membranes and epoxy waterproof seals to pool and pond areas as well as Garden Planter Boxes.

A balcony needs to be waterproofed because the area is frequently exposed to water and needs to be protected from potential leakages and subsequent water damage. Balcony leaks are a common problem and usually come down to poor quality waterproofing, a lack of ongoing maintenance or shrunken and split balcony seals due to sun damage. It’s important to future-proof your balcony with quality waterproofing.

Waterproofing can last for at least ten years. However, the amount of time can greatly depend on the quality of the job, especially the workmanship and materials used in the outdoor area. Balcony waterproofing needs to have the right membrane system and drainage design to ensure it can last a long time and adequately prevent leakages. SCR only uses heavy duty two pack waterproof membranes and epoxy grout for durability and longevity.

Effective waterproofing can’t be completed without removing the existing tiles of a balcony. The most work that can be done without removing tiles is to replace the seals in the area. If your balcony has water damage, it can only be properly fixed with new tiles and waterproofing.


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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

We had the SCR team waterproof our balcony and replace the tiling. They were 100% professional from the quote through to the completed job. We were fully informed all the way, they were on time and the workmanship was excellent.


We engaged SCR to rip up, waterproof and retile our apartment balcony. Now we have a terrace which has not leaked and looks wonderful. We are very happy and would not hesitate to recommend SCR to others.


SCR did a great job re-waterproofing my apartment’s large outdoor deck. Staff were pleasant, hard working and obviously very knowledgeable.