Often we hear our Clients say “My Body Corporate says I must get a Waterproofing Certificate” but they’re not sure what it is or why they need it.

Often it is because their balcony has been found to be leaking into the Apartment of someone else below them due to a failed membrane. Where this is happening, the Body Corporation can give you notice that you MUST repair your balcony and provide them with a Waterproofing Certificate as proof of repairs.

Also, in recent years it has become a requirement of some Insurance Companies that Owners Corporations must provide Waterproofing Certificates in order for the building to be covered under their Insurance Policy. This proves to the Insurance Company that the Balconies are all Waterproofed to Australian Standards and safe to Insure.

If you are renovating a property for Sale, a Waterproofing Certificate assures potential purchasers that you have taken the steps to ensure best practice in your repairs.

So what is a Waterproofing Certificate?

A Waterproofing Certificate can be issued by a Certified Waterproofer, as confirmation that your Balcony has been Waterproofed to Australian Standards AS4654. As tiles are installed over waterproof membranes, it is important to ensure you have a Certificate that allows you to prove you have a correctly functioning waterproof membrane underneath.

By engaging a Company, such as SCR Melbourne that can provide you with a Waterproofing certificate, you know you are engaging a reputable Company that will adhere to the strict Australian Standards.

How do I get a Waterproofing Certificate?

It is a good idea to engage a Company such as SCR Melbourne that can both Waterproof AND Tile your balcony. If these trades are carried out Independently, then if any failure in the membrane occurs, who do you contact? The Tiler will blame the membrane for failing, and the Membrane Installer will blame the Tiler – saying the tilers compromised the membrane.

Wherever possible – we advise you have your Waterproof Membrane installed by a Certified Waterproofer who is also a Qualified Tiler.

Once they have applied the Membrane to the area in accordance with Australian Standards, they can issue you with a Waterproofing Certificate. You can read here how to Waterproof your Balcony to Australian Standards

SCR Melbourne are Qualified Tilers and Certified Waterproofers. You can feel confident that all their works are carried out to Australian Standards. SCR Melbourne can provide you with a Waterproofing Certificate when we waterproof and Tile your Balcony.
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