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Flexi Epoxy Regrouts

SCR Flexible-Epoxy Grout Treatments Melbourne

Stop your balcony leak without removing tiles!

An SCR Flexible Epoxy Grout treatment is the process whereby the technician removes all the grout from between the tiles and replaces it with SCRs Flexible-Epoxy Grout to seal all the joints. SCRs Flexible-Epoxy Grout offers greater bond strength and water resistance than cementitious grouts. It has been designed to absorb impact, vibration and small amount of stress and strain without cracking – ideal for Balconies with regular foot traffic.

Signs that your balcony may require a Flexible Epoxy Grout Treatment

  • If you see any cracked or missing grout or evidence of moss or plant growth in your grout lines, then your grout has deteriorated and water will be getting into your substrate.

  • Even if you don’t see a leak now – you will see one over time.

You need to re-grout your balcony before any major water damage occurs, and SCRs Flexible-Epoxy grout is a far superior product than normal grouts!


When your tiles have endured long-term wear and tear, your grout’s condition will decline over time and become stained, loose, and chipped. Regrouting can freshen up the look of your tiles and prevent more severe damage to them, making your tiles last longer. It’s recommended that both your grout and seals be checked annually.

In most cases, it is usually less expensive and time consuming to complete a tile regrout rather than an entire retiling. A regrout will be most effective if your tiles are just starting to crack and loosen. However, if your tiles are heavily damaged from significant wear and water damage, a retiling is the best option. 

Generally, grout has a lifespan of eight to fifteen years. The time between regrouting can depend on a number of factors: the type of area, how often the area is used, and the quality of the existing grout treatment. For a tile regrout and polyurethane and silicone sealants, warranties under Australian standards are 12 months.


Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

We had SCR come out to reseal our balcony with flexi-grout after a leak into the underneath living area. They did a clean job and the leak has not reappeared. We’re happy with the customer service and recommend SCR for this type of work.


The SCR team did a fantastic job on my leaking balcony. From the initial quote and advice provided by Fergus to the tradesmen that carried out the work. Ultra reliable and absolutely spotless following work that was carried out.


SCR recently did works on my balcony. They did an excellent job and I would definitely use them again. The level of attention to detail was impeccable and everyone I dealt with from SCR was professional and knowledgeable.